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plant choice alimentos vegetais
onde comprar comida vegana

we can also be defined as a food-tech, this combination of words that makes our favorite subjects very clear: food and technology


we are experts in creating reinterpretations of the products we love so much, using plant proteins and technology in our favor

a lot of research and

a dash of audacity:

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choose the best for everyone:

for you and the planet


nice to meet you, we are

we are here to develop plant-based alternatives for those who love cheese and cold cuts

taste, functionality, nutritional value and clean label

we're plant made

our challenge is to develop 100% plant-based products, with functionality, flavor, high nutritional value and clean labels
after all, following a plant-based diet is not only a way to take care of our planet, but also our bodies

we work with a rigorous selection of ingredients, we look for plant extracts as food coloring and food preservatives, we are also concerned with the protein and fat content of our products

our brand is for those looking for a plant-based food without giving up familiar flavors

we are here with quality ingredients and high technology to create delicious food, produced ethically and with respect for the environment
it doesn't matter if you have a philosophy, a cause or a flag, PlantChoice is for everyone!

innovative products
with familiar flavors

our products

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